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School Garden Program

by Arizona Department of Health Services | 17-Feb-2015

The goal of the School Garden Program is to enable fresh produce to be safely served in school cafeterias from their on-site school garden. The Arizona Department of Health Services School Garden Program will help a school garden meet the requirements of approved source as required in the Arizona Food Code.

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Rhode Island Farm to School Project

by Farm Fresh Rhode Island | 17-Feb-2015

The RI Farm to School Project began in 2004 at Kids First and now continues at Farm Fresh Rhode Island as a part of a mission to connect every Rhode Islander with fresh, local food. The Farm to School Project empowers youth to think critically about the food they eat, to learn about nearby farms and how food is produced, and to taste for themselves that healthy, fresh foods can be super delicious. Paired with programs like Harvest Kitchen and Healthy Foods, Healthy Families, the Farm to School Project is a critical part of Farm Fresh's strategy for fostering a culture of healthy eating in the next generation of eaters.

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The State of Farm to School in San Diego County: December 2014

by San Diego Farm to School Taskforce | 17-Feb-2015

The San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative conducted its second Farm to School (F2S) survey in 2014 to measure progress in F2S and identify opportunities to expand its work with the F2S Taskforce. This report maps the system of school food procurement in San Diego County and guides the F2S Taskforce’s continued collaboration with individual organizations, districts, growers, and distributors to expand F2S.

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Farm Academy Live

by Farm Academy Live | 17-Feb-2015

Farm Academy Live is a free interactive video conferencing program built to meet the Common Core State Standards for grades 3-4. Each lesson provides students with a hands-on, engaging activity. Raw products are sent directly into the classroom for the students to physically touch and see. Using the latest video conferencing technology, the 45-60 minute lessons are taught by the Farm Academy Live teacher.

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A Call to Action - Farm to School in New Mexico: Successes, Challenges, and Potential Ways Forward

by Bryan Crawford-Garrett for the Thornburg Foundation | 15-Feb-2015

The Thornburg Foundation commissioned this report on F2S activities already occurring in schools in the state of New Mexico (NM). The report documents what current programs are in place, how they are being funded, the goals they seek to achieve, as well as a number of promising practices and implementation challenges. The report also provides a series of concrete recommendations for policymakers, donors, and implementing agencies for future F2S investments in NM.

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by GardenABCs | 12-Feb-2015

GardenABCs is a forum for parents, educators and community members seeking guidance, resources, fundraising, networking and teaching support to start and maintain learning gardens. Check out the Teacher's Corner where one can find lesson plans and curricula.

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Sustainability Lesson Clearinghouse

by Green Education Foundation | 12-Feb-2015

Green Education Foundation (GEF) is a national non-profit organization committed to creating a sustainable future through education. GEF offers free programs that provide curricula and hands-on activities to inspire students and teachers to think holistically about global sustainability concerns and solutions. This website provides free sustainability lessons to use in Pre-K through grade 12 classrooms.

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Nevada Agriculture in the Classroom

by Nevada Agriculture in the Classroom | 12-Feb-2015

Nevada Agriculture in the Classroom helps students develop an understanding of the food, fiber and landscaping systems and how agriculture affects their daily lives. This knowledge encourages students to function more effectively as agriculturally literate citizens, supportive of wise environmental policies and programs.

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Collaborating Classrooms - MyGarden

by Collaborating Classrooms | 12-Feb-2015

From MyGarden Collaborating Classroom, there are lots of ways that one can collaborate with the 4-H Children's Gardens based on a school garden and any nutrition activities that one is doing. Check out the K-12 lesson plans that were written by teachers and reviewed by horticulturists and nutritionists. Each lesson contains gardening and nutrition information and activities within a specific content area - English Language Arts; Math; Science or Social Studies.

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