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Exploring Economic and Health Impacts of Local Food Procurement

by Illinois Public Health Institute and Crossroads Resource Center | 22-Apr-2015

The report highlights practical, effective strategies for communities to add locally sourced food to their institutional food systems; recommends ways to conceptualize and measure economic and health impacts; suggests effective funding strategies; and includes Critical Analysis of Economic Impact Methodologies, which discusses the literature on the economic impact of local foods.

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The Sustainable Food Center

by The Sustainable Food Center | 20-Apr-2015

The Sustainable Food Center has several programs and many resources related to farm to school. Their Grow Local empowers children and adults to grow their own food by offering the education and resources they need to start and sustain gardens at schools, homes, and areas accessible to neighborhood residents. Their Farm Direct connects local growers with schools, urban residents, and institutional food service operations worksites in demand of fresh produce. The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegre® is a nationally recognized cooking and nutrition education program that nurtures skills in food selection and preparation.

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Community Alliance with Family Farmers' Farm to School Program

by Community Alliance with Family Farmers | 20-Apr-2015

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers' (CAFF) Farm to School Program has developed and coordinated on-the-ground projects connecting schools and schoolchildren to their local farming communities, while also creating resources, workshops and materials that help further the Farm to School movement in California. This website provides many resources, including various guides, Harvest of the Month information, and more.

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Community-Based Agriculture: Safety Guidelines for Youth Working in Gardens

by National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety | 20-Apr-2015

In non-agricultural industries, there are regulations and work standards that indicate appropriate work for both adults and children. In agriculture, the standards and regulations are different, and may not apply on a farm or garden. Parents/supervisors often assign jobs based on their past practices, need for “extra hands” to get the job done, and preferences of the child and/or adult. The North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT) were developed at the request of parents to assist them with assigning safe and appropriate jobs to children and youth. These guidelines can also assist adults with teaching youth how to do a job safely.

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United Tribes Technical College: Resources

by United Tribes Technical College, Land Grant Program | 15-Apr-2015

The United Tribes Technical College aims to improve the quality of life through culturally appropriate and scientifically based education that will strengthen Tribal communities, sustain natural resources, and promote healthy lifestyles for citizens of Tribal nations. This website provides a variety of food and cooking-related resources specific to Tribal nations.

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Urban Roots

by Urban Roots | 13-Apr-2015

From planting and harvesting to preparing what one grows, Urban Roots follows food from seed-to-table, empowering students of all ages to answer the question, “Where does food come from?” Urban Roots offers enriching education programs for students through day camps and public schools, continuing education credits for teachers wishing to integrate the garden into the classroom, and Folk Art workshops for families.

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Whatcom Farm-to-School

by Whatcom Farm-to-School | 13-Apr-2015

Whatcom Farm-to-School Support Team has supported pilot projects launched by groups of parents, teachers, farmers, and Food Service staff in fifteen public and private schools. This website provides information on those projects, resources, Harvest of Month materials and more.

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Florida Farm to School Program

by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services | 10-Apr-2015

The Farm to School program partners local farms with K-12 schools to provide Florida children with nourishing, locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables in school cafeterias. This website offers tips, training resources, outreach materials and more.

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Local Snack Fact Sheet Library

by Lake County Community Development Corporation | 8-Apr-2015

This is a library of fact sheets that food service departments in western Montana send to classrooms with locally-sourced Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program snacks. Each fact sheet features kid-friendly information about the food and the farm that grew it. Teachers use the fact sheets to connect kids with their food and who grew it before tasting a fresh, local snack together. Each fact sheet is available in pdf and word document form.

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School Meals Hub

by Hunger Free Vermont | 1-Apr-2015

The School Meals Hub is designed to provide information and resources about school nutrition for food service professionals, administrators, parents, and community members. Check out the the Farm to School section, where Farm to School is highlighted as a strategy for making school food system change.

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