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Cultivating Joy and Wonder: Educating for Sustainability in Early Childhood Through Nature, Food, and Community

by Shelburne Farms | 17-Jul-2015

Engaging activities, essays, and resources that encourage children to explore and engage in the world around them. The book is the fruit of Shelburne Farms' years of experience in early childhood education and sustainability, both on the Farm and with partners at the Sustainability Academy and King Street Center in Burlington, Vermont.

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Child Nutrition Programs and Traditional Foods

by USDA Farm to School | 16-Jul-2015

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) understands the importance of serving traditional foods and encourages Indian Tribal Organizations, along with all operators of CNPs, to source locally grown and raised foods. The purpose of this memorandum is to clarify that traditional foods may be served in CNPs and to provide examples of how several traditional foods may contribute towards a reimbursable meal.

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Feeding Ourselves

by Echo Hawk Consulting | 01-Jul-2015

A comprehensive report on the state of food access in Native American communities and the resulting health disparities in Native Americans. The report examines success stories from grassroots programs in tribal communities that inspire and educate. The report suggests specific pathways for tribes, the federal government, and philanthropists to empower Native people to solve these difficult problems.

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Summer in the School Garden: A Resource for Working with Volunteers to Maintain Your School Garden

by Pritha Golden and Karin Pfeiffer-Hoyt | 08-Jun-2015

This is a resource designed to help school garden coordinators effectively maintain their school gardens during the summer. Success during the summer starts by building strong relationships with volunteers during the school year, so many of recommendations are applicable throughout the year and focus on how to best work with volunteers.

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Farm to School (West Virginia)

by West Virginia Farm to School Community Development Group | 29-May-2015

Farm to School seeks to advance farm to school efforts across the state. Early successes include joint sponsorship of trainings, workshops, and conferences to foster exchange of information for and between food service staff and farmers. Collaboration has also resulted in the creation of funding sources, the coordinated delivery of resources, the development of publications, fact sheets, videos, and shared dissemination of information through various media outlets.

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Oregon Harvest for Schools Portal

by Food Hub (Ecotrust) | 21-May-2015

The Oregon Harvest for Schools Portal on FoodHub is a new online tool that offers a quick and easy way for Oregon schools to find local Oregon fruits and veggies. The Portal has been designed to meet the specific needs of schools that want to buy Oregon foods and is populated with sellers who have been vetted by Farm to School partners from around the state. Through robust and informative profiles, it’s easy to get a quick sense of who suppliers are and what products they have available.

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Native Food Systems Resource Center Farm to School

by First Nations Development Institute | 20-May-2015

In Indian Country, Farm to School also means incorporating the cultural significance of traditional foods alongside the nutritional benefits. But because the school-food systems on reservations are complex and structured differently than those outside reservations, tribal schools face unique circumstances when trying to forge Farm-to-School partnerships. This website offers resources and guidance to help navigate such unique circumstances.

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WSDA Farm-to-School Toolkit

by Washington State Department of Agriculture | 09-May-2015

This toolkit is designed to provide farms, schools, families, and communities with resources to help them meet their farm to school goals. Through stories, photos, templates, documents and more, the toolkit  highlights farm to school and school garden successes throughout the state and draws together best practices and farm to school tips from our in-state and national network partners. 

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Good Laws, Good Food: Putting Food Policy to Work in the Navajo Nation

by The Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic | 01-May-2015

This Toolkit aims to bolster the efforts to increase food sovereignty on the Navajo Nation by describing existing laws and policies that impact the Navajo food system, highlighting innovative efforts to improve food policy by other tribal and local communities, and offering strategies to advocate for policy change. The Toolkit is intended to serve as a reference for community leaders, food advocates, and members of the Navajo government, federal government, state governments, and local Chapter governments.

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by MarketMaker | 25-Apr-2015

MarketMaker is a national network of states that connect farmers and fishermen with food retailers, grocery stores, processors, caterers, chefs, and consumers. MarketMaker is a place for farmers and schools to connect with each other for farm to school sales. It is an ever-growing partnership of Land Grant Universities, Departments of Agriculture, and food and agricultural organizations investing in a coordinated effort to build a virtual infrastructure that brings healthier, fresher, and more flavorful food to the average consumer.

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The Arkansas Grow Healthy Study

by University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Research, and Extension | 24-Apr-2015

This project involves innovative research and educational programming, including farm to school, that is designed to bring several complementary interventions to scale, each addressing different aspects of the childhood obesity crisis. This website provides farm to school resources, news, and more.

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