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Featured Resources

Evaluation for Transformation: A Cross-Sectoral Evaluation Framework for Farm to School

by National Farm to School Network and Upstream Public Health | 25-Aug-2014

This resource defines the outcomes that farm to school has the potential to achieve and it offers common language, guidelines and metrics to understand those outcomes for the first time. The framework is organized around four key sectors: public health, community economic development, education and environmental quality. Beyond the four sectors, the framework is also structured around three levels of action: program, research and policy.

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Gardening at Home with Kids

by HomeAdvisor | 12-Feb-2018

If you like digging in the dirt, you might enjoy gardening, too. Growing a garden with your kids will help you learn about plants. You might grow flowers or vegetables in your yard or inside your home in containers. As you work to take care of your plants, you will need to make sure they get water and sun to grow.

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My First Garden

by Rodale Institute | 12-Feb-2018

Rodale Institute, the birthplace of the organic movement, has put together this resource "My First Garden," to help teachers integrate school gardens into their classroom curriculum. This curriculum is designed for preschool or kindergarten children, but could be adapted to suit early elementary school needs.

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Montana Harvest of the Month

by Montana State University | 12-Feb-2018

The Montana Harvest of the Month program showcases Montana grown foods in Montana schools and communities. Each month, participating sites promoting one Montana grown or raised items by serving it in a meal, offering taste tests to students, and doing educational lessons and activities.

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Montana Crunch Time

by Montana State University | 12-Feb-2018

Montana Crunch Time is an annual statewide event to celebrate National Food Day and National Farm to School Month in Montana by crunching into locally and regionally grown apples on a designated day. Download the Montana Crunch Time Guide and other resources annually.

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WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Leveraging State Farm to School Networks to Affect Legislation

by National Farm to School Network | 18-Jan-2018

In this webinar learn from the National Farm to School Network and Natalie McKinney, Executive Director of the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation and NFSN Hawai’i Core Partner, about the importance of advocacy and education with policy decision makers, and take away tips and tools for jumpstarting advocacy efforts in your own community.

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Question Keeper Database

by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Local Foods | 1-Jan-2018

The Question Keeper Database is a database of survey questions that allows you to build your own evaluation questionnaire. The Question Keeper recently expanded farm to school/early care and education content and is easily searchable by content areas and target audience.

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Georgia Organics: Farm to School Evaluation 2014 - 2016

by Georgia Organics | 13-Nov-2017

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the impact of two of Georgia Organics’ core F2S initiatives—the Golden Radish Award and FoodCorps' service—on the development and sustainability of F2S programming in Georgia between 2014-2016, in order to identify areas of program improvement, provide information for stakeholders, and guide operational decisions.

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Minnesota School Gardens: A Guide to Gardening and Plant Science

by Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom | 13-Nov-2017

In addition to instructions for establishing and maintaining a school garden in Minnesota, this guide contains 31 plant–science based lessons that assist in embedding its content into the classroom. All lessons are correlated to core curriculum concepts and Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in science, social studies, language arts, math and nutrition.

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QAQAMIIĜUX̂ :Head Start Traditional Foods Preschool Curriculum

by Aleutian Pribilof Island Association |

“Qaqamiigux: Head Start Traditional Foods Preschool Curriculum” provides a series of lessons and activities that preschool teachers can use to teach the nutritional value of the local, traditional foods in the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands Region. The aim is to provide culturally-relevant nutrition curriculum specific to the foods in the region.

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