Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Partnering to grow the farm to school movement

We work with companies across the United States with local, regional and national reach. We’ll work with you to build a unique partnership that plays to your business’ strengths, helps meet your goals and engages your staff, while creating vibrant communities through farm to school activities.

Many of our corporate partners are part of the public health, education, economic development or environmental sectors. Other partners are working to improve food systems. Some are most passionate about helping kids, farmers and communities win. Wherever your company’s interest in farm to school may lie, we’re interested in partnering with you to grow our movement.

Partnership Opportunities

Every company’s goals and needs are different, so we think every partnership should be, too. We invite you to contact us so we can get to know your company, tell you more about our work and begin exploring ways for us to develop a partnership tailored to our mutual goals.

Examples of partnership opportunities include:

General donations. For corporations looking to make end of year donations or contributions at any point in the year, we welcome donations.

Sponsor National Farm to School Month. Sponsors of National Farm to School Month are able to promote their brands and share their work with the 10 million people the National Farm to School Network reaches every October.

Sponsor the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference. Sponsors of the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference have the opportunity to engage and facilitate on-site brand experiences with over 1,000 practitioners working to bring healthy, local food to cafeterias across the country.

Marketing partnerships. The National Farm to School Network frequently partners with companies to promote and market mission-aligned brands, products and services to our community, leveraging a variety of our multimedia assets in the process.

Employee fundraising. Invite your employees to invest in the National Farm to School Network through the Seed Change Venture Fund, with the option of adding a company match.

Nonprofit of the year. Make the National Farm to School Network your nonprofit partner of the year, and we’ll work with you to plan a year of in-office events, fundraising activities, volunteer projects, challenges and more to benefit our work to grow the farm to school movement.

Why Support Us

By supporting the National Farm to School Network, your company can make a difference in communities throughout the United States.

Through the core elements of farm to school, local foods are served to kids, kids learn about food and agriculture and kids participate in hands-on learning through school gardens. Your support will propel all of these activities. In becoming our corporate partner, you will be helping us expand farm to school in every U.S. state and territory as part of our ambitious strategic growth plan. The unmet need is enormous, and your generosity will provide critical support to help us address it.

Our Strengths

National leadership in the farm to school movement. The National Farm to School Network was founded in 2007 and serves as the information, advocacy and networking hub for communities working to bring local food sourcing, school gardens and food and agriculture education into schools. In the last decade, NFSN has collaborated with partners to support the unprecedented growth of farm to school nationwide from a handful of schools in the late 1990s to now benefit more than 23.6 million children and move approximately $800 million in local food product into schools. Even with this progress, the farm to school movement is still growing, as our 2016 report card and most recent NFSN in Action Report detail.

A unique network model that allows us to reach key stakeholders in the farm to school movement directly and indirectly across the country. Our model features one Core Partner organization and at least one – and up to four – Supporting Partner organization for all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and U.S. Territories. Our network also includes over 15,000 network members from across the country, including school nutrition staff, food service staff, educators, administrators, parents, nonprofit professionals and community members.

Broad reach to schools. 42,000 schools (or 42% of schools in the U.S.) report engagement in farm to school activities. NFSN’s partner organizations serve as a liaison to schools in their state or territory and share NFSN’s tools, resources and materials.

Strong engagement tools. NFSN communicates with our Core and Supporting Partners through weekly emails and regular webinars and group calls. We reach over 15,000 members through our monthly e-newsletter and our website brings in over 370,000 unique visits each year. We also connect with a broad array of supporters through social media with more than 55,000 Twitter followers, 14,000 Facebook likes and 2,500 Instagram followers.

Special opportunities to celebrate and build community around farm to school. During National Farm to School Month every October, NFSN reaches over 10 million people through our emails, social media posts, print materials and campaign tools as part of our public awareness and action campaign to promote farm to school. Additionally, NFSN hosts the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference biennially to bring together over 1,000 practitioners working to bring healthy, local food to cafeterias across the country – in schools, higher education institutions, hospitals and many other settings.

A partnership mindset. We have a strong track record of successful corporate partnerships, working with companies of different sizes and from a variety of sectors. Our goal is to develop a true partnership where we collaborate in the areas where your needs and goals speak to our strengths and your strengths speak to our needs and goals. We like strategic collaborations and win-wins, and we have extensive experience facilitating the process of developing impactful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

How We Can Support You

From when you begin the conversation with the National Farm to School, to when we find the right partnership for your business, our team is here to support you and make sure our partnership a success. Partnering with the National Farm to School Network will allow your company to directly impact the farm to school movement’s effort to give all kids access to healthy, local food, create financial opportunity for farmers and producers who can sell their food to local schools, and strengthen local economies through the purchase of local food.

In addition to the the tangible difference you’re making, partnering with NFSN provides the potential for your business to:

Increase the loyalty of your customers. Being your customer means being part of helping kids, farmers and communities.

Attract and retain engaged staff. Working for a company that takes seriously its commitment to improving the community and has a track record of investing in solutions to our country’s most pressing challenges matters.

Increase brand awareness and sales. Highlighting your investment in farm to school to the diverse, cross-sectoral constituents that NFSN reaches associates your products and services with an important cause.

In addition to leveraging the strengths described above, we would support you with:

A focus on solutions. Our team is committed to understanding your business needs, your goals for engaging employees and how we can help you leverage your philanthropic activities to benefit both of these.

Direct, consistent contact. You will have a dedicated staff contact who will thought partner with you to create partnership objectives, explore creative and tailored collaboration ideas and ensure that our work together is surpassing your expectations.

Resources. We’ll offer all the information you need to stay up to date on NFSN’s work and the impact of your investment on the farm to school movement.

Tools. We’ll share publicity materials and templates that can be used to highlight our work together that is seamless and turnkey for your team.

Expertise. The National Farm to School Network team brings deep knowledge of this field, including engaging Native communities in farm to school, bringing farm to school activities to early care and education settings and using metrics and evaluation in farm to school.

Contact Us

By supporting the National Farm to School Network, you’ll be helping us bring healthy, local food to schools across the country so that kids, farmers and communities can all win. Please complete the short form below and a staff member from the National Farm to School Network will contact you about supporting or partnering with the National Farm to School Network. Thank you!

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