Indiana Partners

Farm to school in Indiana has been gaining momentum since 2012 when the Indiana Grown for Schools Network was created. The network is a collaboration of Hoosiers dedicated to connecting family farms and schools through education, local food purchasing, and outreach. The Indiana Grown for Schools Network has a vision of an Indiana where local farms, markets and schools work together to better the health of children, farms, communities, the environment and the economy.
To help make this vision a reality, the Indiana Grown for Schools Network serves to provide leadership and support to connect and strengthen the farm to school movement across Indiana. Indiana Grown for Schools Network is comprised of a steering committee and three subgroups: education, procurement and farm to preschool.

Education Goals:

  • Assist schools in celebrating local food days
  • Work one-on-one with schools to start school gardens
  • Support development of farm to school curriculum

Procurement Goals:

  • Work with pilot schools to help their foodservice buy, menu, and prepare local foods
  • Help schools host a one day event to highlight several local foods on the lunch line
  • Offer trainings and standard operating procedures on how to properly procure local foods

F2Preschool Goals:

  • Increase the health of children by providing them the building blocks to form a healthy lifestyle

The term “farm to school” encompasses efforts that...

  • source locally grown foods as part of the school meal or snack program
  • offer hands-on learning activities such as school gardening, farm visits, and local taste tastings
  • integrate food and agriculture education into the regular, standards-based classroom curriculum

Indiana is a rural state with many wonderful, vibrant farm to school happenings. The Indiana Grown for Schools Network wants to hear how you are bringing the farm to you school!