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Wisconsin Farm to School

Built on twenty years of many years of statewide grassroots efforts, Wisconsin Farm to School was formalized in the 2009, Wisconsin Act 293 establishing a Farm to School Program and creating the Wisconsin Farm to School Advisory Council within the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)

The Wisconsin Farm to School Advisory Council members are nominated and appointed by the Secretary of DATCP. The council is comprised of 15 individuals working in various sectors that advance farm to school including agricultural and local food supply chain partners, child health and nutrition professionals, school food service professionals, educators, and community leaders. The council makes key recommendations that guide the development of Farm to School in Wisconsin and create the Wisconsin Farm to School Annual Report.

2021 Wisconsin Farm to School Advisory Council Members

WI Farm to School Annual Report 2019 -2020

Wisconsin Farm to School Month Proclamation 2021

Wisconsin Farm to School is made up of grassroots community efforts in each region of the state and is supported by state agencies, universities, non-profit and for profit businesses to grow farm to school activities throughout Wisconsin. Farm to School activities include building local food supply chains to schools, agriculture, nutrition and culinary education, and school gardening.

Wisconsin Farm to School efforts aim to create equitable and inclusive access to participation and  benefits of Farm to School for all WI communities in:

  • strengthening local economies and expanding markets for Wisconsin agricultural producers and food entrepreneurs,
  • promoting children’s health and providing fresh, minimally processed foods in schools and supporting the development of nutritious eating habits and
  • increasing children’s and communities’ knowledge around agriculture, food, nutrition, and the environment.

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