Exploring Hydroponics: A Classroom Lesson Guide

National Farm to School Network, Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation, KidsGardening
May 1, 2020

When students grow plants hydroponically, they begin to investigate plant needs through a different lens and have the chance to develop a deep understanding about the conditions required for healthy plant growth and development. Exploring Hydroponics includes basic how-to information for growing plants hydroponically in your classroom; lesson plans to help students learn through hands-on investigations; construction plans for simple hydroponic setups; and additional reference materials to support your endeavors.

The lessons are designed to align with third through fifth grade Next Generation Science Standards; however, they can be adapted for both younger and older students and those with different abilities. The lessons are sequenced so that each topic builds upon the previous topics but the activities can also be used independently, in any order.

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