Sample Farm to School Month Government Resolutions

National Farm to School Network
August 30, 2023

Resolutions and proclamations recognizing Farm to School Month are a great way to build awareness and support amongst state and local policymakers, particularly in areas where passing more comprehensive financial support for farm to school/ECE programs is challenging. In addition to the national declaration that was passed in 2010, many states have passed resolutions declaring October as Farm to School Month. Similar language can usually be used in the House, Senate or for a proclamation by the governor.

Below are some steps and examples to help you get started:

If you have a relationship with a state legislator, ask them to offer a resolution in support of October as Farm to School month.
- See one example of this language from Georgia
- Consult the State Farm to School Policy Handbook for more states that have taken this approach

Ask your governor to issue a proclamation recognizing October as Farm to School Month
- See one example from Michigan here

Your local school board can also pass a resolution to recognize October as Farm to School Month to formally show their support for broader state policies on farm to school/ECE issues.

For support implementing any of these options, please reach out to our NFSN policy staff.

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