Who's At The Table? 2022 Movement Meeting

National Farm to School Network
October 28, 2022

This year's Movement Meeting focused on how communities have built power in their farm to school and ECE food systems work, and how we can build power together. We discussed what it means to hold power and the mechanisms at our disposal to shift power, heard from farm to school and ECE partners who have built power within their own communities, and took time to reflect on what it means to build power within our own communities.

The Movement Meeting featured speakers from across the country sharing how they have built power and supported leadership in their communities. Whether you've been doing farm to school for years or are new to it, tune in to the Movement Meeting to learn about how farm to school is growing from the ground up and how YOU can be an advocate to make real change happen.

Featured speakers: 

Suparna Kudesia (she/her, they/them); Executive Director, CoFED

Aliya Brown; Senior Communications & Content Manager, Teens for Justice

Martine Hippolyte; Director of Community Engagement, FRESHFARM

Downloadable Resource Documents:

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