State Policy Map

NFSN Partners and state policy advocates are advancing state-level policies that are win for our kids by ensuring nourishing food is served in meals and snacks; a win for farmers by creating school market opportunities that provide reliable and consistent sales and fair pay; and a win for our communities by creating conditions for school food to be grown, distributed, prepared and consumed in ways that benefit everyone along the way. Interact with the map below to see what's happening in your state or territory during the current legislative session.*

Are you working on a policy not reflected here? Reach out to our policy staff so we can add it!

You can also learn more in depth about state and territorial policies with NFSN's State Farm to School Policy Handbook.

*Unfortunately, due to technical capabilities, this map is not able to collate information on policies or legislative activity in sovereign Native Nations. Legislative sessions vary from state to state. Click here to view your state's legislative calendar.