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If many do a little, it adds up to a lot.

When it comes to fueling the farm to school movement, we believe every person who cares about the health of kids, financial opportunity for farmers and strong local economies has a role to play. Whether you lend your voice to advocate for policy change, work to bring farm to school activities to your community, or help spread the word during National Farm to School Month, your part matters. Your contributions of time, energy and advocacy make all the difference.

In addition to using your voice, the success of farm to school also depends on the generosity of individuals like you who provide financial support to power our programs that benefit the entire farm to school movement. We rely on public support to make our ambitious growth plans possible. Whether you give $10 or $10,000, you’re helping us grow farm to school in the communities with the greatest need. It’s simple, but it’s true: If many do a little, it adds up to a lot.

We’re on a mission. Click here to learn about our ambitious growth plans, as we work to meet the deep, unmet need in the farm to school movement.

We need your help. Click here to learn how you can support our growth, so that every child and every community can benefit from farm to school.

Corporate Partnership. Click here to learn how your company can partner with the National Farm to School Network to make a difference for kids, farmers and communities across the country.

We're On A Mission

We have big plans for expanding farm to school activities in every community across the U.S. Since the National Farm to School Network’s founding in 2007, we’ve worked with our partners to achieve unprecedented growth of farm to school nationwide, from a handful of schools in the late 1990s to approximately 42,000 schools in the U.S. (approximately 42% of schools), benefitting more than 23.6 million children and moving approximately $800 million in local food product into schools.*

Despite this incredible growth, there’s more work to do. The benefits of farm to school have been proven, but many marginalized communities struggle to find the resources and guidance for farm to school implementation. For example, there are several states with less than 30% of school districts participating in farm to school activities. Nationwide, only 39% of children participating in free or reduced price meals have access to farm to school activities. This represents a gap in access especially for children from low-income families for whom school meals are a significant source of nutrition.

* Based on data from the USDA Farm to School Census for the 2013-2014 school year.

To address this deep, urgent and unmet need, we’ve laid out an ambitious plans to grow farm to school in our 2017-2019 strategic plan. Here’s what you should know:

1. We’re focused on bringing farm to school to underserved and vulnerable communities throughout the country that often experience the highest rates of poverty and obesity. These are the communities that would benefit most from farm to school across public health, education, economic development and the environment. We want to do more - and we have to do more - to reach all children and all communities.

2. We’re deepening our focus on expanding farm to school activities in Native communities and cultivating healthy habits for our littlest eaters in early care and education settings. We’re also working to move the needle on equity in the farm to school movement.

3. We’re continuing to build on our unique strengths as an organization: policy advocacy and metrics and measurement.

We’re counting on passionate supporters like you to help us bring these goals to reality.

Learn how you can provide critical support to grow farm to school.

Seed Change Venture Fund

How You Can Help

Every financial gift helps us expand farm to school—improving the health of kids, the economic opportunity of farmers and the strength of local economies. One gift and one child at a time, together we can work to expand farm to school to every community across the country.

To make it easier to support NFSN’s work, we’ve created the Seed Change Venture Fund!

The Seed Change Venture Fund is a key way for individuals to support NFSN’s mission and ambitious plans to expand farm to school. Any time an individual donates to NFSN, the donation goes to the Seed Change Venture Fund. The Seed Change Venture Fund provides NFSN with critical general operating (unrestricted) funding, making it possible for NFSN to lead the movement to expand farm to school in communities across the country so that more kids, farmers and communities can experience the triple win of farm to school.

What’s in a name? With the Seed Change Venture Fund, a lot. We’re calling this individual donation pool the Seed Change Venture Fundfor a reason: as our donors, we see you as partners in our work and investors in our movement. In fact, you’ll hear the term investors a lot. To show you that we’re shepherding your investment in kids, farmers and communities well, we’ll treat you like an investor. Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’re in. If you’re an individual and you make a donation of any size to NFSN, you’re an investor in the Seed Change Venture Fund.
  • You’re in the know. All investors will receive NFSN’s monthly e-newsletter to stay up to date on NFSN’s resources and events, as well as the latest news in the farm to school movement.
  • You’re a VIP. Investors contributing $500 or more a year will get the VIP treatment, including a special annual thank you from our team and a quarterly investor update detailing NFSN’s progress toward achieving the ambitious growth goals outlined in our strategic plan.
  • You’re celebrated. Investors contributing $1,000 or more a year will be celebrated for their impact, including acknowledgement on NFSN’s website (if desired). You’ll also be invited to an invite-only quarterly investor call with NFSN staff to hear directly about our work and ask questions about the areas that interest you most.
  • You’re an influencer. Investors contributing $5,000 or more a year will be invited to participate in feedback sessions with NFSN staff to share opinions on our revenue growth strategy. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend NFSN’s annual meeting of partners to meet the incredible professionals from across the U.S. who are at the center of our movement, and you’ll be invited to consider expanding your impact by making an additional gift to support an NFSN partner organization working to advance farm to school in your home state/territory.

Get Started, Take Action

If you’re ready to invest farm to school to benefit kids, farmers and communities, here are 3 ways you can contribute:

Fundraise for Farm to School

Invite your friends, neighbors, community members, coworkers and relatives to donate to NFSN on your behalf in fun, creative ways through our Fundraise for Farm to School program.

Ways to Give

Every gift makes a difference. Make an online donation now, or contacts us via the form below to learn more about other ways to give, including giving by mail, stock transer or planned gift.

Join Us

Do you represent a business that's passionate about helping kids, farmers and communities? Learn more about opportunities to partner with the National Farm to School Network here.

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By supporting the National Farm to School Network, you’ll be helping us bring healthy, local food to schools across the country so that kids, farmers and communities can all win. Please complete the short form below and a staff member from the National Farm to School Network will contact you about supporting or partnering with the National Farm to School Network. Thank you!

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