Happy World Environment Day: A Deep Dive into School Food Forests
Jun 2024
As we celebrate World Environment Day, it's important to reflect on sustainable practices that not only nourish our bodies but also nurture the planet. In a world where taking care of our environment is more important than ever, NFSN is excited to share a little bit about one of our developing projects at the intersection of school-based agriculture and agroforestry: school food forests.
Rooted in Community: A Way To Wrap Up Farm to School Month!
Nov 2023
Last week, the National Farm to School Network hosted our annual Movement Meeting to mark the end of Farm to School Month! The event celebrated the collective growth seen in the farm to school movement by elevating local community stories and forging new connections nationwide. 
Farm to ECE: A Year in Review
Dec 2022
We’ve gathered all of the farm to ECE resources developed in 2022 by the National Farm to School Network and our partners in one place. If you’ve developed farm to ECE resources this year and would like to share them with the farm to ECE community, please send them to Sophia@farmtoschool.org. 
How Hawai‘i is Improving Its Farm to Early Care and Education Landscape with Its First Farm to ECE Coordinator
Oct 2022
In partnership with the Hawai‘i Public Health Institute (HIPHI), CDPHPD is leveraging their state’s SNAP-Ed funding in a new and unique way—they have used the funds to hire a part-time statewide Farm to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECE) Coordinator, David Seegal. David brings a wide range of experience working directly with children as a primary educator and a cook—this firsthand knowledge
Farm to ECE 2021: A Year in Review
Jan 2022
We’ve gathered the standout resources developed this past year by National Farm to School Network and farm to ECE partners across the country to celebrate all of the fantastic work the farm to ECE community has accomplished.
Creative Opportunities in Farm to ECE: Cooperative Purchasing 
Jan 2022
Many early care and education (ECE) sites struggle with local procurement. Northeast Iowa Head Start Classrooms purchase cooperatively with their partner school districts, streamlining and simplifying local procurement. School districts in Iowa have simplified their local procurement by purchasing from food hubs.
Creative Opportunities for Funding Farm to Early Care and Education (ECE): USDA Farm to School Grant
Nov 2021
‍The USDA Farm to School Grant is an annual, competitive grant that supports the planning, development, and implementation of farm to school and farm to ECE programs. USDA's Farm to School grants are an important way to help state, regional, and local organizations as they initiate, expand, and institutionalize their farm to school and farm to ECE efforts.